Mark Use Guidelines

These Mark Use Guidelines (“Guidelines”) let you know about Optimhire’s rights with respect to its marks and when and how you can use them. The Guidelines are a part of and incorporate the Terms of Service. Capitalized terms not defined in these Guidelines are defined in the User Agreement or in the other Terms of Service or have the meanings given such terms on the Site. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Optimhire may modify these Guidelines without prior notice to you, and any revisions to these Guidelines will take effect when posted on the Site, unless otherwise stated in the revised Guidelines. Please check the Site often for updates.

1. Optimhire MARKS

The Optimhire name and logo are trademarks of Optimhire. These Guidelines explain the terms under which you are allowed to use the “Optimhire Marks”, which for purposes of these Guidelines and the other Optimhire Terms of Service means Optimhire’s trademarks, including the following:


The Optimhire Marks are among our most valuable assets. In order to preserve and strengthen our identity, these Guidelines provide conditions of use and clear instructions on proper use of the Optimhire Marks.

2. USE OF Optimhire LOGO MARKS

The Optimhire Marks that are also logos are also referred to in these Guidelines as the “Optimhire Logo Marks”. For example, the Optimhire Logo Marks include:

You may not use an Optimhire Logo Mark unless you have a written license, granted by Optimhire, permitting you to use the Optimhire Logo Mark. If you have not been granted such a license, then you must not use, copy, modify, distribute, or post the Optimhire Logo Mark for any reason. If you have such a license from Optimhire Logo Mark to use the Optimhire Logo Mark, you must use the Optimhire Logo Mark only as licensed and only in accordance with these Guidelines.


You may use Optimhire Marks other than the Logo Marks descriptively, provided you adhere to these Guidelines, or as otherwise permitted by law.

Descriptive use includes instances where you are referring to Optimhire or Optimhire services, such as “I registered on Optimhire’s website today”, “I attended Optimhire’s Work Without Limits Executive Summit”, or “Optimhire Enterprise services have saved my company money.”

Keep these principles in mind as well:

Your use should never mislead anyone to believe Optimhire sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, products, or services exists when it does not.
When referring to Optimhire, use the Optimhire name in a plain text font and format only.
Optimhire always appears as “Optimhire,


Unless you have written permission from Optimhire, you must never use any Optimhire Mark:

On any letterhead, business card, or signature block;

As part of your business name or a domain name;

As part of a user ID, including on Optimhire or social media;

In association with any third-party trademark in a manner that might create potential confusion as to the ownership of the Optimhire Mark;

In any manner that suggests or could lead someone to believe you are acting on behalf of or in association with Optimhire or that Optimhire has endorsed or sponsored your product or services; or

Outside of your relationship with us, except as permitted by Optimhire in writing.

Even if you have permission to use an Optimhire Logo Mark, you must never use any Optimhire Logo Mark:

That has been reproduced from an unauthorized artwork;

That has been modified, including color specifications, position and relative size of the letterings;

That has been modified to use negative or reverse “drop-out” reproduction;

Tightly confined in a band or bar; or

With other seals, logos, or other marks of other entities.


You may not use screenshots of or videos of navigation of the Site (as defined in the Site Terms of Use) or other works copyrighted by Optimhire without Optimhire’s written permission. Rights to screenshots of user profiles, communications, and work product on Optimhire may need to be obtained from the User. You may not use such screenshots anywhere for any purpose without written authorization. Optimhire cannot grant you permission to use screenshots that include third-party content.